How to Relieve Sinus Pain?

sinus pain

Sinus issues aren't just annoying; they can decrease your quality of life considerably. Studies show that patients with COPD and heart disease feel worse than those with chronic sinus issues.

Those who cope with issues with chronic sinus often find it difficult to concentrate on a job or enjoy favorite activities. According to the Centers for Disease Control, sinus specialists diagnose nearly 13% of American adults or 30 million people are with sinusitis every year.

Home Remedies

Sinus Irrigation

You can use saltwater to remove irritants, reduce swelling and inflammation.


Sometimes a large distinction can be made by the easiest therapies. Allow your body to recover strength and assist your immune system by taking it for a while easily.



There are many efficient over-the-counter nasal sprays available, and we will be pleased to create suggestions. Be conscious that very particular rules are in place for providing kids and babies allergy medication.

Decongestants also help but make sure you don't have circumstances that will prevent you from using them safely and efficiently. Whether cold or a bacterial infection causes your sinus pain, here's how you can relieve it:

Try a spray of the saline nose. Ask our sinus specialist for a saline spray to be suggested. Saline mist will ease the swelling of the sinus and help break up your nose's mucus. Without worrying about side effects, you can use it up to six times a day. You can create your own nasal saline spray as well. Ask your doctor how to distill or boil the water you use, not straight from a tap.

Use a humidifier. Using a humidifier will assist maintain your sinuses open and alleviate the stress, particularly when you sleep at night. You can also attempt to sit after a warm shower in a steamy bathroom or inhale the steam from a pan of warm (not boiling) water for quick relief.

Use a decongestant over-the-counter nose spray. It helps in congestion and gives relief, particularly early in the cold. You can as well as use pill, liquid or spray. But overuse of decongestant nasal spray. It can make your stuff worse, not better if you use it for longer.

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