We know noses.

For 35 years, Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates has been providing its patients with unrivaled service for noses and sinuses including nasal treatment for sinus infections or diseases of the nose and acute sinusitis treatment in Oklahoma. 

Sinus infections are particularly annoying and can cause pain in ear, jaw, teeth and throat, extreme fatigue, bad breath and nausea.

The potential causes for sinusitis include nasal polyps, deviated nasal septum, respiratory tract infection, hay fever and many other medical conditions. 

It may be acute or chronic and caused by viruses, bacteria, fungal diseases, allergies or an autoimmune response.

While uncomfortable and painful, without medical intervention, sinusitis often goes away. However, you should see your doctor if there are symptoms that last longer than 7-10 days or if you have a fever or headache.

Symptoms of sinusitis may vary, but a patient may suffer from facial pain, blocked nose, discharge from nose, cough and congestion. In an advanced stage, a patient may even get headache, toothache, fever, halitosis and tiredness. 

No matter what the cause is, if you are experiencing any of these nose or sinus symptoms, contact our physicians for nasal treatment in Oklahoma. You could have an infection or even an undiagnosed disease. It is important to catch any abnormalities as early as possible as untreated symptoms could lead to further complications.


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