Why Good Nurses Matter

Everybody wants to find a great doctor. Since doctors make the final diagnosis, prescribes the medication or treatment and so much more, this is perfectly understandable and absolutely necessary. However, have you ever considered how important nurses are? At doctor’s appointment, it’s not uncommon to spend more time with the nurse than your doctor. And it is oftentimes the nurse who explains the details of a medical procedure, listens to your symptoms and concerns, responds to emergencies, assesses the weight of the issue and provides comfort and understanding. Because of their crucial role in your health, OOA wanted to give a shout-out to the Norman urgent care nurses and talk about what they do best.

Their knowledge is expansive and yet they help us understand.

One of the hardest things about the doctor’s office is understanding what is going on and the lingo. Nurses who are able to explain what is going on, what needs to be done and the reasons why, are irreplaceable. What is really amazing is that they are able to speak simply about medical matters to us, and still remain on the cutting edge of medical knowledge, policies, process changes and products.

Norman’s urgent care nurses are full of compassion and empathy.

Under some circumstances, having a doctor’s appointment can be a fearful time, due to the unknown of the situation and fear of what possibly could be the issue.  A great nurse is full of understanding and compassion, whether it is just to provide a listening ear to how you are feeling or explain facts to allay your concerns. Empathy is also crucial. This doesn’t mean that your nurse gives in to what you want, but that he or she simply shows understanding of what you are going through without judgment all while giving you the very best care.

Norman’s urgent care nurses are selfless.

Ever had a nurse go out of their way to care for you? Maybe they just stayed behind and held your hand, or missed their lunch to help you. Or maybe they became your child’s best friend and joy during their stay in the hospital. Deeds like these really warm a patient’s heart during their difficult time and many of us would not have made it without their smile and care. Kudos to your selfless and caring hearts, nurses!

Here at Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates, we work closely with the nurses and staff at Norman urgent care clinics. Thank you nurses, for taking excellent care of OOA patients and so many others.

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