Traveling With Your CPAP Machine

If you or a family member suffer from sleep apnea, traveling with your CPAP machine may seem daunting. Since these machines are vital in helping you sleep well, don’t think about leaving it home while on vacation! Traveling with a CPAP machine is easier than you think and with a little pre planning, you’ll be able to enjoy a well-deserved, restful vacation.

Getting through airport security:

Are you nervous about TSA officers not recognizing your CPAP machine for what it is? They actually see these machines daily and are very familiar with what to do them.

To start, we suggest packing your CPAP machine in your carry on just in case your checked baggage is misplaced. Once you get to security, take the machine out of its case and place it in a bin. The facemask and tubing can remain the case. If you’re concerned about how sterile the X-ray bins are, place your CPAP machine into a clear plastic bag before putting it in the bin. Since there are certain parts of the CPAP machine that are harder to see in an X-ray, TSA officers may bring it through what is called an Explosive Trace Detection test. They’ll wipe a small, white swab over your machine and analyze the swab for any trace amounts of explosives.

Electrical Connections:

If you plan to sleep on your flight, check with your airline about power options in your seat. It is becoming more and more common to have outlets by every seat but you may need to sit in business class if it is an older airplane. If you’re traveling internationally, make sure you have the correct adapters for the electrical connection. For hotels and motels, electrical outlets are sometimes not right next to your bed, so bring an extension cord just in case. If you’re concerned about not finding an electrical outlet, pack an extra battery pack. These are also helpful even at home if there is a power outage or any sort of emergency situation.

While it needs some extra forethought, traveling with your CPAP machine is less daunting then you might think. Are you concerned you might have sleep apnea? Call Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates today to set up an appointment at our ear nose and throat clinic.