Top Reasons to Take Your Child to See an ENT Doctor


Ear, nose and throat disorders are common among children and are one of the top reasons parents take their child to see a pediatrician, but sometimes primary care just is not enough. Did you know that Oklahoma ENT doctors specialize in both adults and children and have the same amount of pediatric training as strictly a pediatric ENT doctor? By choosing an Oklahoma ENT doctor who specializes in both adults and children, you will be in caring hands that can see and treat your entire family. Taking your children to the same doctor that treats Mom & Dad will oftentimes calm the child and the physician can speak to them on their level, making them comfortable and cooperative. Here are the more common ailments you should look out for in your kiddo that may lead you to seek an ENT doctor for children.

Sinus Infections

Children often come down with recurring colds, especially if they spend all day in school or daycare. Some kids are just more prone to the common sickness and can get it every month. Usually a cold is simply viral and will go away on its own, but if symptoms last more than seven days and worsen over that time period it may be a sinus infection. That means it’s time to call a doctor to talk about treatment options.

Ear Infections

Recurring ear infections are uncomfortable for your child and too many rounds of antibiotics can be dangerous for some patients. In some cases, ear tubes can be put in to help prevent these infections. To make the decision, doctors will look at how much fluid is in the middle ear, language development and hearing level and discuss the problems and benefits with you as a parent. If your child has repeatedly gotten three ear infections in the last six months, it may be appropriate to ask about ear tubes.


While a child’s snore may seem cute, if they’re snoring heavy and steady every night, that’s not normal. It could be a sign of sleep apnea which can lead to behavior problems, bed-wetting or even malformation of your child’s facial bones. For this reason, frequent snoring should be reported to your child’s pediatrician for a referral to a pediatric ENT in Oklahoma.

Other ENT Issues

Many people don’t know that an ENT doctor for children can see patients for everything from runny noses and tonsillitis to head and neck cancer. Hearing loss, balance and swallowing disorders and facial fractures are also within their treatment abilities. If you or your child have any of the issues listed above, it’s best to see an Otolaryngologist. With extensive professional training, an ENT physician can treat both you and your child equally well.



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