Pediatric ENT


Treatment for children is very different than treatment for adults because children and adults are physiologically different. While this is simple concept, the importance of a pediatric ENT for your child cannot be stressed enough.

When your child is in pain, you want to ensure the best quality of treatment. Do not take your child to an adult examination. Those surgical tools are not appropriate for babies and small children. A pediatric ENT will have specialized tools that are designed to treat your baby, child or teen. Thus, saving them from many discomforts and allowing them to have the best treatment possible. Another thing to keep in mind is that young children’s organs will still be developing. This means that their treatment plan will look very different from a full grown adult. To elaborate, a child’s ear canals do not reach their full growth until late in the teenage years. This is why children are so susceptible to ear infections and ear aches.

Pediatric ENT handles a myriad of treatments. From Tonsillitis and Adenoiditis, Chronic Ear Problems, Congenital Abnormalities of the Ear, Hearing Loss, Hoarseness and Hypernasal Speech, Otitis Media and Otitis Externa (Swimmer’s Ear) as well as other disorders such as neck lumps and masses, nasal deformities and obstructions pediatric ENT can have your child back on their feet and ready to take on the rest of the summer.

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