OOA Tackles Tough Issues


In 1909, President Theodore Roosevelt’s Country Life Commission issued a report finding that in rural populations, “the physicians are further apart and are called in later in cases of sickness.” The US has made progress in closing some of the access gap.  Nevertheless, rural Americans are more likely to have difficulty accessing timely emergency care.

To address this issue, some of the physicians at Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates carve out time in their monthly calendar to travel to rural Oklahoma for a day of office visits, surgery and follow up care. Our Ear, Nose & Throat Experts have found a way to improve access to care for Oklahomans in rural settings and have found ways to support the unique economics of providing health care in rural Oklahoma.

Through our rural health outreach, OOA is part of the solution to solve key rural health issues. Our physicians learn directly from physicians and hospitals who are treating their patients while juggling the unique challenges of rural health care. The physicians at OOA have found ways to help people in rural areas as a result.

It is very rewarding to know that all of our ongoing efforts are helping Oklahoma and the quality of life of our citizens in rural areas.