Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates’ Newest Member: Dr. Mark Wood


When you’re looking for a hearing specialist in Oklahoma City, look no further than Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates. Our caring and attentive staff provide professional service to patients of all ages. Our newest member, Dr. Wood of Oklahoma, is an experienced otolaryngologist who treats ear disorders. Common ear issues treated by otolaryngologists are hearing loss, balance disorders, ear infections that may require ear tube surgery, tinnitus, congenital disorders, and those that affect the cranial nerve. If you think you may be suffering from any of these conditions, Dr. Mark Wood can offer his expert advice.

Dr. Wood’s Personal and Professional History

Dr. Mark Wood hails from southeastern Oklahoma and his family has lived in the area since the Great Depression. His parents were missionaries to Africa, traveling frequently, but Dr. Wood graduated from  high school in Miami, OK, then attended college at OBU and the University of Oklahoma College of Medicine before completing his Otolaryngology-Head and Neck residency at the OU Health Sciences Center. Before joining the Otologic Medical Clinic in 1995, Dr. Wood participated in a one-year fellowship with Dr. Hough and McGee focusing on Otology and Neurotology.

Dr. Wood has been helping patients achieve better hearing as a hearing specialist in Oklahoma City for 20 years, repairing ears damaged by injury, disease, or heredity. He offers professional care and evaluation of patients who need implantable hearing devices, middle ear surgery, or hearing amplification, by working with Hearts for Hearing through the Nucleus Hybrid L24 Cochlear Implant study.

Dr. Wood’s Professional Associations

Dr. Mark Wood serves as the Ministries of Jesus free clinic Chairman of the board in Edmond, Oklahoma and has served in the past as the Oklahoma Representative to the Board of Governors at the American Academy of Otolaryngology, the Chairman of the Ear, Nose, and Throat Department at Baptist Medical Center, and the Secretary-Treasurer and President at the Oklahoma Academy of Otolaryngology.

Dr. Wood’s Personal Associations

Dr. Wood and his wife are active members of the congregation at Henderson Hills Baptist Church in Edmond. He is a runner who has competed in over 30 marathons including completing the Mother Road 100 Ultra-Marathon in 2010.

We welcome Dr. Wood to Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates where he will provide patients with skilled and compassionate long-term service through modern hearing technology and hearing rehabilitation. Dr. Wood is a true professional who stays up to date with changes in his field for better management of chronic ear diseases. Call us today to make an appointment!