Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates: 5 Fun Facts About Sneezing.


Sneezing is something that we all do—some more than others. And we all sneeze in our own unique and individual way—some loud, some quiet, and others are just downright amusing.

We at Oklahoma Otolaryngology Associates thought that this would be great time to share some educational fun facts about sneezing since there is so much of it going around at the moment, and it might be that you are in need of some comic relief from this otherwise unenjoyable seasonal affliction.

Here are a few fun facts from Huffington Post that you probably didn’t know about sneezing:

       1. Sneezes can travel up to 100 miles per hour!

       2. Your sneeze’s spray lands much further than you’d think.

Some estimate that sneeze spray will spread from a 5 to 30 feet radius. On a more practical note, this fun fact drives home the point that you need to sneeze into a hanky, tissue, or into your arm or hands—and then be sure to wash your hands!

        3. We sneeze to give our noses a reboot.

Much like a temperamental computer, our noses require a “reboot” when overwhelmed, and this biological reboot is triggered by the pressure force of a sneeze. The sneeze is accomplished by biochemical signals that regulate the beating of cilia (microscopic hairs) on the cells that line our nasal cavities.

        4. Sunlight causes people to sneeze.

Have you ever noticed that you sneeze more in bright sunlight?  1 in 4 people sneeze as a reaction to sunlight. This reaction is called the “Photic Sneeze Reflex.” Some scientists believe the reason for this is that the message to the brain that tells it to shrink the pupils in the eyes may cross paths with the message the brain receives to sneeze.

       5. We sneeze in two’s and three’s for good reason.

Particles trapped in the nasal passages needing to be expelled by sneezes need a little extra help sometimes. As you may have noticed, it often takes more than one attempt to get those irritants out, which is why we have multiple sneezes in a row.

While sneezing is indeed funny to many of us, it is no laughing matter for others who suffer from seasonal allergies and are sneezing all season long. If you find yourself with seasonal allergies that are really making your spring a miserable time, it might be time to consult a doctor who can help to relieve the symptoms.

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