What You Didn’t Know about Eyelid Surgery

Eyelid Surgery

Blepharoplasty is a reconstructive eyelid surgery which improves the eyes of a person esthetically. The process of human aging, heredity and sun exposures can make you look old or fatigued — some of the common factors. Blepharoplasty may also remove obstructions caused by premature droopy eyelids and enlarge your visual field and sight, in addition to giving a younger appearance.

Upper Blepharoplasty and Lower Blepharoplasty

An excess of skin and fat in an upper eyelid is removed with an upper blepharoplasty. A small incision is done to hide any small scar. Our eyelid surgery process in OKC tightens the muscle that raises the upper eyelid and makes it droopy.

Besides removing the fat from the lower eyelid, lower Blepharoplasty smoothens and tightens the skin on the surface of an eyelid. It helps to remove loose and wrinkled skin under the lower eyes. Our plastic surgeon can hide scars and prevent permanent scarring. This allows a patient to recover more quickly.

Blepharoplasty on upper eyelid

What You Should Know

It Is Popular: Costmetic surgery of the skin, muscle, and fat in the upper or lower eyes is also called eyelid surgery. Operating on eyelids is one of the most common cosmetic operations.

It Makes You Look Younger: Often, the delicate skin around the eyes shows signs of aging first. As we age, the elasticity of our skin is reduced, and it weakens our muscles. This can cause our eyelids to slump and bags in the lower lids to develop. Eyelid surgery process in OKC can correct those difficulties and make you look more youthful and rejuvenated.

It Is Long-lasting: Operation with eyelids will not stop the aging, but is usually long-lasting. The most frequent result of droopiness occurs because of sagging brows. This can be corrected by Botox injections or by the browlift. After the eyelid procedure, bags and puffiness on the lower lid don't usually reappear. In your age, your genetic inheritance plays a major role. You can help keep a young look overall by reducing stress and not smoking and by avoiding sun exposure.

It Does Not Change Your Recognizable Appearance: The basic structure of your eyes will not change with eyelid surgery. It is not a process of reconstruction. The slope and symmetry of your eyes will not be altered. Moreover, for crow's foot wrinkles it's going to do nothing. However, surgeons can use other procedures to combine with eyelid surgery with helping achieve your goals.

Eyelid surgery in OKC helps to correct eyelid issues to give you a younger appearance. Call us today for your consultation.

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