Sleep Studies and Tests – What to Expect

Sleep Study

Many people don't have sleep needed to function correctly in their bodies. Some people may only have to sleep longer due to their family, societies or employment obligations; other people may suffer from an untreated sleep disorder that prevents them from getting good quality sleep every night and in an immediate need of going to a sleep clinic in OKC.

In general, a sleep study is your first diagnostic step when the patient is suspected of a sleep disorder. In sleep studies, there is an important value. They provide patients with the right diagnosis for sleep disorders to begin treatment and improve their quality of life.

Polysomnography (PSG)

If a sleep condition is suspected and you require a sleep study for diagnosis for treatment to begin, your patient will receive a polysomnogram.

What is a Polysomnogram?

A PSG is a diagnostic tool used to check for a sleep disorder. This test is performed at the sleeping center or hospital overnight.

This test monitors the cycles and stadiums of your patients' sleep to detect any sleep disturbance. Your patient has a variety of devices connected to help control things like brain, breathing and muscle activity.

Who Are the Candidates of Polysomnogram?

Patients with a sleep disorder, such as obstructive sleep apnea (OSA), are the best candidates in PSG. This is a condition in which the patient repeats apnea or an upper respiratory obstruction that reduces or blocks sleeping airflow.


A polysomnogram in sleep clinics in OKC diagnoses a wide variety of sleep disorders for example:

Central sleep apnea, OSA, hypoventilation related to sleep disorders and other breathing disorders associated with sleep.

REM behavior disorder (abnormal actions or behaviors while you are sleeping) or another parasomnia.

Idiopathic, narcoleptic, and other disorders of hypersomnolence.

Delayed sleep phase syndrome (DSPS), advanced sleekness syndrome (ASS) and other rhythmic disorders of the circadian sleek.

What Can You Expect from CPAP Test?

The right equipment levels for CPAP therapy are established through a CPAP study, which was also called the continued positive airway pressure study. This treatment is often used for sleep apnea treatment.

When you show signs of severe sleep apnea during your overnight sleep study, a CPAP study may be conducted the same evening. This is known as a sleep-split studio. In some instances, a second sleep study is carried out in the CPAP studies.

CPAP Machine And Patient in the background

During CPAP Test

A mask or another device is fitted with braces to keep the mask in place over your nose or nose and mouth.

A tube connects the mask to the CPAP machine and forces air in the tube by a small, quiet motor.

The air sweeps through your mask and back of your throat and opens your airways.

Air pressure starts at a very low level and increases gradually at night. The aim is to find the correct air pressure level to prevent your upper airway collapse during your sleep. This avoids the occurrence of sleep apnea.

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