Effect of Blepharoplasty on Women

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The main objectives of blepharoplasty are to enhance sight and facial beauty by removing extra skin and fat around the eyes. However, in order to attain these objectives, we often discover that blepharoplasty alone is inadequate. Many patients involve auxiliary operations that are coupled with blepharoplasty such as brow-lifting (front lift), droopy eyelid surgery (ptosis surgery), tendon tightening, and repositioning of the lacrimal gland. To offer our readers a better knowledge of these nuances when considering blepharoplasty or droopy eyelid surgery, 1 case example of an actual patient is provided below.

Case Study of Blepharoplasty in OKC

One 62-year-old woman submitted complaints of heavy upper eyelid skin to blepharoplasty doctors in OKC which made it hard for her to read for lengthy periods of time. Her work needed her to spend 6-8 hours a day in front of a computer screen and she had difficulty keeping her focus, particularly at the end of the day. Furthermore, her colleagues and coworkers frequently questioned if she was feeling tired, even at moments when she felt good. Some of them thought that her reduced eyelids looked tired and that the "bags" were present because she was working so hard and not receiving enough sleep. She informed that she wanted to look and feel better.

The patient had beautiful and bright eyes, but the redundant upper and lower eyelid surplus skin and herniating fat pockets shadowed over them. There are obviously noticeable and profound tear troughs just below the lower eyelid fat pockets that cause shadowing and a "hill-valley" contour that makes the eyes look tired. However, her eyebrows and forehead are in a stable position with minimal descent. She does not need eyelid droopy surgery (ptosis surgery).

Blepharoplasty Surgery

After her clinical examination, it was debated leadership alternatives and she chose to continue with quad (four eyelid) cosmetic blepharoplasty with resurfacing of the laser eyelid skin. The operation was conducted under light sedation and it took 2.5 hours to finish. She suffered bruising and swelling for 10 days after surgery with no effect on her vision. Regarding eyelid surgery recovery, she was happy to return to job wearing glasses to cover up some of the swelling after just 4 days.

She had almost full recovery after only 8 weeks after blepharoplasty and was very pleased with the functional and aesthetic findings attained. She said she now "feels like her ancient self again" and got many compliments from her family and friends. We can understand the tremendous effect blepharoplasty surgery can have on facial vitality and beauty from the blepharoplasty before and after pictures.

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