Drowsy Driving Is the Major Cause of Accident in the USA

drowsy driving

When you are too tired, you may still be at danger of driving your vehicle. You must be aware that you should never go for drunk driving and keep your phone aside while driving. One of the major causes of accident is drowsy driving. You may have to go to a sleep clinic in OKC to get rid of the problem.

The potentially fatal effects of drowsy driving always come up in the news with the new report from the Governors Highway Safety Association reveals that nearly 90 million Americans are driving every day who are deprived from sleep. While the real number of accidents and deaths is hard to determine. The AAA Foundation revealed that drowsiness causes an average of 328,000 crashes per year, with 109,000 involving 6,400 deaths.

Try to Amend Your Sleeping Habits

Changing our habits can be of big help. It is important to know certain tips and tricks to change your conduct and cultivate excellent sleep hygiene. If you don't assist attempting those thoughts, you may have a health problem that hinders your capacity to get to sleep or remain asleep. Talk to your doctor about the habit that you need to change related to sleep.

Once you can rule out environmental or possible side effects of medication as the culprits, you may want to see a sleep specialist or contact a sleep clinic in OKC. Sleep apnea can be one of the causes which is very common among Americans. Some individuals even demonstrate improvement with fresh medicines for dental sleep. Whatever the root cause of your short sleep nights, there is always proper treatment to get rid of it. Read on to know more about drowsy driving.

Drowsy Driving Problem

Drowsy driving is a significant issue in U.S. The risk, and sudden tragic outcomes of drowsy driving are alarming. Drowsy driving is the dangerous combination of driving with fatigue and sleepiness. This usually happens when the driver is deprived of sleep. Other causes can be disorder of sleep like insomnia, drinking alcohol, shift work or medication.

You may not be able to understand when you get asleep. Feeling sleepy can seize your ability of driving properly. Drowsiness—

  • Can make the drivers unable to take care of the road. 

  • Slows down the reaction time to take any sudden decision about brake.  

  • The driver gets unable to take proper decision.

Why Drivers Get Drowsy While Driving?

  • People who don't get enough sleep.

  • Commercial drivers operating vehicles such as tractor trailers, tow trucks, and buses.

  • Shift employees (especially night-shift workers).

  • Drivers with untreated sleep illnesses such as one where breathing stop and begins constantly (sleep apnea).

  • Drivers who use medicines that make them sleepy.

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