Deviated Septum and Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery

It can be difficult to breathe by a deviated septum. However, what's your septum and do you need an operation to fix it?

The nasal septum is the thin bone and cartilage wall which separates the left and right nasals. The septum is at least a little off-center, in most people. You have a deviated septum if your wall is far off. Some people have been born like this. Others were to blame for a nose injury.

You can probably leave it all alone if your breathing has a deviated septum and does not lead to regular sinus infections, also referred to as sinusitis. You may want to discuss treatments other than plastic surgery in OKC with your doctor.

However, if deviated septum blocks one or both nostrils, so you might want to consider surgery to make it difficult or impossible to breathe.

This stuffy nose can provide a breeding ground for the growth of bacteria. This causes painful inflammation and infection that can prevent you from improving. If so, an operation could be helpful.

What are certain symptoms of a septum deviation?

The seriousness of the deviated septum will affect the severity of the symptoms. Some common signs of an abnormal septum include:

  • The obstructed nasal system, especially with allergies or a sinus infection, can make breathing difficult.

  • nosebleeds generally due to excessive septal dryness.

  • Chronic sinus and facial pain.

  • Sleeping willfully on a specific side; a deviated septum can make one side of breathing easier.

  • Noisy breathing while sleeping, especially in children and babies.

Deviated septum

Treating Deviated Septum

Deviated septum treatment depends on your condition's severity. Your plastic surgery in OKC may start your symptoms in many cases.

This can include the use of decongestants to reduce sinus swelling and to keep your nostrils open. Antihistamines can also help if you have common allergy symptoms. Nasal corticosteroid sprays can decrease nasal inflammation and help to open airways. Some treatments may be fully effective within a few weeks, so be careful to follow the prescriptions and instructions of your doctor.

During Surgery

The surgery is usually done by an ear, nose, and throat specialist to stretch the septum "septoplasty." Some people also undergo plastic nose surgery to change their form simultaneously.

Your plastic surgery surgeon in OKC won't have to cut your skin where someone could see it. He can use the tools he places in the nose.

You may want to stop ibuprofen or aspirin medicines before your surgery because it can make it harder for your doctor to bleed. You'll get some anesthesia on the day of the operation. You can take approximately an hour and a half for the process or not.

Your surgeon will cut and straighten your septum. Sometimes he may have to cut the bone to position it right. You can also receive silicone splints to support your septum.

Your doctor may choose to pack your nasal. The gaseous material in the nasal cavity is put into the blood or other fluids to absorb. At your first follow-up appointment, he will remove them.

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