Causes of Uneven Eyes and Its Treatment

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Having asymmetric eyes is completely normal. However, in rare cases it might be more severe.  Facial asymmetry is very prevalent, and it is not the norm to have completely symmetrical facial characteristics. While this may be visible to you, uneven eyes are not visible to others commonly.

Eyes may appear uneven owing to modifications in the skin that occur as a natural portion of aging. Rarely can asymmetric eyes be induced by a medical condition. You may also go for plastic surgery in OKC from experts.

What Is Causing Uneven Eyes?

Uneven eyes may appear for several distinctive reasons. Genetics or absence of sleep can be some of the major reasons of uneven eyes. However, there can be other severe reasons as well. Some of those are discussed below.

  • Enophthalmos – Enophthalmos creates eye asymmetry through eye displacement. One sign of Enophthalmos is when your eye looks sinking, particularly after any injury to that region. For some, Enophthalmos results are almost immediate. However, the symptoms appear gradually over time for some people. It is essential to note any kind of pain or discomfort in the region. Make an appointment with a specialist to guarantee no further harm.

  • Ptosis – Ptosis is another factor that can affect the appearance of uneven eyes. This is when the muscle that holds your eyelid is detached from the same. It may lead to a drooping look.  If you have suffered any neurological disorder or a stroke lately, this may be a direct consequence of that.

Having entirely symmetrical characteristics is very uncommon for somebody. Eyebrow bone or the shape of your nose can also affect the look. Sometimes the eyes are not the focus of the problem, and it is difficult for someone to tell the difference without the proper knowledge. For this reason, it is essential to seek a professional's assistance in order to diagnose correctly what causes of the uneven eyes.

Treatment for Uneven Eyes

There is generally no need for treatment for uneven eyes. If there is an underlying medical condition that needs therapy or the asymmetry interferes with your vision, you can go for it based on your personal preference.

There are things that can be achieved to make your eyes appear even, you can use make up tricks to solve the issue. You can attempt at home to surgical and non-surgical cosmetic procedures.


You can use makeup to solve your problem related to uneven eyes temporarily. Highlighting and contouring, and other methods can be used to make certain characteristics more prominent and generate a balance look.

If you use proper eyebrows and powder, you can ensure a more balanced and highlighted look.

Online video tutorials are available to assist you do this. Many cosmetics and department stores have on employee’s makeup artists and cosmetics that can demonstrate you how to use products to improve your characteristics.

Brow lift Also called front rejuvenation or front lift; a brow lift is a cosmetic operation to raise your brows. A cosmetic surgeon performs it while under a general anesthetic. There are various surgical methods that can be used to conduct a brow lift, including:

  • Coronal brow lift 

  • Endoscopic brow lift 

  • Brow lifts for hair line as with any surgical operation, there are certain risks including scarring, bleeding or even infection.

Botox Treatment


A temporary relief for uneven eyes can be done with Botox. Many times, the eyebrows of a person are asymmetrical and cause the eyes to appear uneven. Browse asymmetry is prevalent. Botox offers a non-optional brow lift choice.

Botox is an is a muscle relaxer with is injectables. It can be injected into the region around the forehead so that it becomes relaxed to assist generate a balance look. The results usually last about four months.


Blepharoplasty is the cosmetic surgery that is used to correct irregular eyelids. The operation does not make your eyes symmetrical, but it can make them appear even if surplus fat or skin causes your eyes to appear asymmetrical.

Excess tissue, such as fat, muscle, and skin, is removed from your upper or lower eyelids during the procedure. Bruising and swelling are prevalent and lasts about two weeks. Incision scars may take several months to disappear.

Orbital surgery

Orbital surgery is orbit surgery, which is your eye socket. The orbit consists of four bone walls, your eyeball, eye muscles, optic nerve, and fat.

There are distinct surgical procedures used to treat trauma and medical situations influencing this room. This may include removing tumor, surgery or fracture repair, or surgery on orbital decompression that is used to treat exophthalmos induced by the disease and diseases of Graves.

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