ADHD to Make Allergies Worse


ADHD is very prevalent infancy that can go on well into adulthood. The average age of admittance for kids aged 13 to 18 years is 7, and about 9% of U.S. kids have ADHD. Symptoms include trouble keeping focused, attention, behavioral control, and overactivity. Sub-types of ADHD do not contain hyperactivity (overactivity). To treat this hyperactivity, you need to contact pediatric ENT in OKC if it affects hearing ability.

Over the years, allergies to food have been checked on this website many times. Milk, egg, peanut, wheat, soybean, fine fish, and shellfish are the most common food triggers in kids. The allergy responses in food may include, mouth itching, neck or skin itching, tongue hives or inflammation in the body, abdominal pain, diarrhea, and bloating, flare-ups or blown complete anaphylaxis.


When synthetic food dyes were coupled with the conservative sodium benzoate, hyperactivity was improved in important research. In carbohydrates, salad dressings and condiments, sodium benzoate may be found. Additional chemicals to be found in the following:

  • butylated hydroxyanisole (BHA)

  • butylated hydroxytoluene (BHT)

  • sodium nitrate

  • tert-Butylhydroquinone (TBHQ)

You can try these additives one by one and see if it affects your behavior.

Dyes and conservation agents may be worth looking at, but the FDA says that studies could not show any relation between synthetic additives and hyperactivity in 2011.

Artificial Sweetners

Artificial Sweetener

Sugar effects on hyperactivity are still a matter for the jury. Still, it makes sense in terms of general health to restrict sugar in your family's food. See if any sugar or syrup is eaten fewer simple sugars on food labels.


Your doctor always says to keep apple as your staple diet, doesn’t he? When you eat the apple, you are susceptible to salicylate. This is a natural substance that abounds in red apples and other healthy foods, such as almonds, cinnamon, grapes, and tomatoes. Aspirin and other pain medications contain salicylates too. Dr. Benjamin Feingold in the 1970s removed artificial dyes, flavors, and salicylates from his hyperactive clients’ diets. He claimed to have enhanced 30 to 50% of them.


Allergens can be discovered in healthy ingredients, like salicylates. However, if your body is susceptible to them, they may influence brain function and cause hyperactivity and lack of attention. It may be useful to prevent eating — one by one— the top foods for allergens are milk, nuts, eggs, peanuts, soy, fish, shellfish.

Get in touch with OKOA for pediatric ENT in OKC if ADHD and allergy have affected hearing abilities or other ENT functions.

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